The 4 Types of People who Should Never Visit Moscow

Russia has many ancient superstitions that dictate how Russians and visitors to should behave while in the country. The old traditions are so much entrenched in the local population and any violation of them by a stranger might make you have a bad experience while visiting. In fact, you should not contemplate setting your foot in Moscow if you fall into a category that is too diverse from the local population. The following are the 4 types of people who should never visit Moscow:

Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (JGBT)

Russia has a very hard stance on homosexual orientation. Even though same-sex relationships are legal in the country, the population is hostile about such persons. Additionally, the country’s laws are silently against same-sex relationships which have made homophobic attacks increase ever since the introduction of anti-gay propaganda law. LGBT couples are faced with harsh laws prohibiting them from public expression of affection or displaying identity symbols. In addition, homosexuals are prohibited from posting any material promoting their lifestyle on social media. In some parts of the country, violence against homophobic partners is so rife including torture, detention, and murder in concentration camps. The country’s law against same-sex relationship is so serious to the extent that it criminalizes the promotion of modern sexual relations to persons under the legal age. With all these laws, Moscow remains a no-go place for homosexuals. However, despite this hard stance, St Petersburg and Moscow have discreet homosexuality community.

Those who do not Drink Alcohol

Russians love to drink Vodka which is the drink of choice in the country. Their tradition prohibits one from eating after taking the first glass of vodka. The first two glasses of vodka are swallowed back-to-back. One is allowed to take a little break before taking the third glass. When invited to a party, you should ensure to be punctual to avoid being penalized by taking a “penalty glass.” What is more, Russian parties are usually long with several toasts of alcohol. You cannot compete with them when it comes to drinking.

Russian laws prohibit drinking in public places. Drinking is only allowed in licensed establishments or at home. The vodka drinking nation has no time limitation for indulging in alcohol.

Argumentative People

If you like to argue, then Russia is not the best place for you more so, if with an old lady. In Russia, old people command immense respect and power. Everyone is expected to heed instructions from senior citizens without arguing with them.

People who Smile too Much at Strangers

If you are fond of smiling at strangers, Russia is not the place for you. You will make a fool out of yourself doing that in Moscow. Russia’s old history of a struggle for survival entrenched worry in its citizens. For decades, smiling has remained a rare thing and an exception to an old-age tradition. Russian culture has sincerity and openness as its hallmarks, which explains why a smile is so rare in Moscow and only expressed in appropriate contexts to signify a genuine emotion of happiness.

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