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We are very closer to the kick-off of the World Cup 2018 in Russian capital, Moscow. The 2018 FIFA world cup will be very fascinating event and super exciting. So, it is important to take the chance to experience or witness your favorite team play live in Moscow, Russia. This is the opportune moment to book your accommodation and it will be undoubtedly the biggest occasion for soccer fans. This year, 32 teams from across the globe will participate in the fields located in 11 host cities in Russia. This event will take place from 14th June to 15th July, of this year. The final will be held in the capital, Moscow.

I prefer you book a flight now to Moscow. During the first four weeks, 11 matches will be held in Luhziniki and Otkritie arenas of the city. At Otkritie arena, the following teams will play; Senegal vs Poland, Brazil vs Serbia, Iceland vs Argentina, Tunisia vs Belgium, as well as one Round of 16 game. At Luhziniki arena will hold; Mexico vs Germany, Saudi Arabia vs Russia, France vs Denmark, Morocco vs Portugal, and of course one Round of 16 match, semi-final, and the final game on July, 15th.

The following are the most affordable hotels to book in Moscow during the world cup;

Gone stay in Altufievo

This one-bathroom and two-bedroom home located in Alutievo metro station is a home away from home during the World Cup in Moscow. The home is equipped with a TV in each room, a king-sized bed, extra beds, cooking supplies and a full kitchen. All the comfort you need, you will find it in this home. Another advantage is, the homestay is near the metro. The host is readily available and friendly. Any help you may need will be sorted out.

Moscow Apartment

This will be a shared 3-bedroom apartment. It is good you spend your days in this room in the Cheremushki district of Moscow. The room comes with plenty space closet and a pull-out sofa bed enough for one guest. A full kitchen will also be available, equipped with a freezer, microwave oven, and a stove. In this Airbnb rental, you will also have a dining room and a living room with a TV as well as installed WiFi. The location of the apartment is in close proximity to the metro and plenty of shops all along, so, you can walk. From the apartment to the Luhziniki stadium is about 15 minutes drive, which makes this the ideal place to stay during the world cup.

Sunny Apartment, in Moscow

This is a 2-bedroom apartment. It is a cozy and vibrant spot to stay during the World Cup. The hosts have opened up one bedroom for your partner or friend and the other one for yourself. The apartment comes with plenty closet space, workspace and a desk, and two beds which will make you feel you’re at home. Common spaces are also available where you find shared amenities like; WiFi, parking access, and full kitchen. The apartment is situated in a relatively large residential neighborhood of Moscow with quiet and safe streets. Access to nearby amenities is easier. It sits a bit outside Moscow downtown which takes about 30 minutes to reach the stadium.


Portal Hotel and Hostel

This is a budget-friendly hotel and hostel any traveler can dream of. It is located in central Moscow. The rooms are simple and small, yet inviting and clean. This spot gives you virtually everything you need during your stay. It is located in the Moscow downtown at the center, approximately two metro stops from the Red Square which is quite famous. The hotel rooms are equipped with free WiFi, stovetops, electric kettles, dishwashers, and laundry service. The staff is helpful and very efficient. The hostel has shared and private rooms. It is located about 15 minutes drive from the Luhziniki stadium. Therefore, this is the most cost effective place to set camp.


Moscow River Apartment

This apartment will be appropriate for those who would like to watch matches at Otkritie Arena. This stylish Airbnb apartment is ready for rent close to the stadium. The apartment is one bathroom and bedroom enough for up to two guests. The building has a pool and gym. It is easily accessible to outside nature and the city center. The building is provided with 24-hour security, with guards manning the entrance gate. From Otkritie arena to the metro will take you 30 minutes.


HostalAstra “Na Basmannon

This is a perfect spot for a young fan of soccer as it offers a fun and relaxing experience. This hostel is situated on New Basmannaya Street. Of the best that Moscow can offer, then this hostel is very close. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are in close proximity to it. Private and dorm-style rooms that are shared are available and you can find a perfect fit in the given rooms. Morning breakfast, heating and central air, free WiFi are some of the necessities HostalAstra offers. It is located central to the city making it easy to access the Luzhniki stadium.


Artist Hostel na Kievskoy

A metro ride from the World Cup action will take you just 15 minutes. It is located in the Kiyevskoy region of Moscow. Artist Hotel is a great option to stay. It is a location where you can access all the action of the matches irrespective of where they are taking place. Great accessibility to the GUM Shopping Center, the riverfront area and of course the metro makes you reach anywhere else in Moscow city. The rooms here are dormitory style and can accommodate up to six guests in a single room. The rooms also offer free WiFi and air-conditioning. Therefore, this is cheap hotel to opt for.



The best hostels and hotels will be booked very early, so don’t waste alot of time. Make an attempt now to get a place to stay as accommodation options are unlimited. World cup tickets can come after you have secured a favorable accommodation.

Overall, accommodation will be cheaper in Russia compared to South Africa in 2010 and Brazil in 2014. This is because, prior to the 2018 World Cup, the government of Russia set a cap on the maximum and minimum rates of hotels for the event. This prevents hoteliers from hiking the price exceeding the set limits. For example; 2-star hotel in Samara city which is the cheapest will cost you 2,250 Rubles a night and 4600 Rubles in St. Petersburg which is the most expensive city. For people who really want to save some cash, these hotels offer quality services but also make sure they don’t overcharge you.



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